The Calamartini

Eccolo!!! The Calamartini
Image © 2015, Skip Lombardi

The Calamartini® —from the people who taught you how to cook scungilli...

We’re not opposed to evolution or fusion, but in this age of bacon gelato and mac ‘n cheese pizza, we’d like to keep things simple.

Here’s our relaunch of the classic Mad Men libation.

The Calamartini


A bone-dry vodka or gin
A dash of extra-dry white vermouth, whose herbal notes complement seafood


A sliver of lemon rind
A wisp of fresh dill or fennel frond
The tentacles of one small squid*

Eccolo! A savory marine cocktail with a twist.

* Note: we microwaved our Loligo pealei on high for 30 seconds, then chilled it until we assembled the cocktail.