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Seven Fishes 2015

Octopus Salad
Seven Fishes 2015: One down, six to go…
Photo Copyright © 2015, Skip Lombardi

For a host of reasons, your team of two is far behind the proverbial eight-ball this year.

That doesn’t mean we’ve not been staking out our place on the fishing docks of Stonington, Connecticut, or standing in line for calamari fritti at the local Holy Ghost Society’s Friday suppers. Fear not, we continue to champion the foods of our Italian-American communities. And since they are at their best in winter, we’ve stalked and scored the wild and wiley scungilli

We just haven’t been posting as much thanks to the diabolical gremlins messing up our DSL service. We can think of more than a few Sicilian curses to hurl at the telecom companies exploiting the hapless, underpaid “customer service” agents in distant call centers, places where we suspect one can’t even find the solace of a good dish of pasta at the end of the day. But hey– it’s Christmas– or more correctly– la vigilia, Christmas Eve, and we should be more positive and offer you just a little something to take the edge off.

Here’s a little Polpo Marinato. We made this last night and the gently cooked “baby” octopus have been marinating in lemon, olive oil, capers fresh Florida tomatoes, peppers, and parsley. The salad will stay in the fridge till it’s time to lift a glass and wish everyone Buon Natale later this evening.

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